The main objective remains the delivery of products conform to specifications, without defects of any kind, in order to achieve maximum satisfaction and thus establish fruitful relationships in the long term, as true partners of our clients.


A distinctive feature of MGR is the commitment to ensure the delivery dates thereof, however, orders are usually shipped within a maximum of 15/20 days, depending on the type of product and depending on the customer’s request.


The company is located in an industrial structure that allows it to be able to work with a network system, so as to also act as a leader committed. It can manage and develop the realization of complex product for which some components are manufactured, processed and assembled in house, while other stages and/or other components are made externally by other companies, and specialized in close step.


The ISO 9001 certification was obtained in 2006 and now with 9001 2015, and progress monitoring system is regarded as a strategic tool, fundamental for the achievement of objectives and to contain costs through the streamlining of processes and improving the professionalism of its human resources.

A Mitutoyo three-dimensional control machine has recently been purchased for this purpose.