To date the work undertaken are of various types: mechanical, turning,
milling and assembly that are performed on many types of accessories
and components present in the following areas:

  • Furniture
  • Public housing and fixtures
  • Wellness
  • Hi-fi components
  • Systems of sound amplification
  • Hydraulic
  • Telecommunications
  • Coffee machines
  • Heavy engineering Taps
  • Electrical
  • Lighting
  • Medical


The materials processed by machines at MGR are:

  • Extruded aluminum in bar and aluminium round to turning for
  • AVP ferrous materials and F37
  • Brass
  • Steel of all kinds
  • PVC, Nylon, Plexiglass


MGR has various work centers C.N.C. that can operate on maximum size of 1050 mm and turning centers with a diameter ranging from 2.5 to 250 mm., including the creation of small lots and pre-product. The company is equipped with transfer machines that guarantee the production of lots of great quantity.

MGR now has on average 20 employees and operates in a facility of 1300 square
meters.; thanks to its policies get a gradual and steady growth year on year; operates mainly at regional and national level and for some prestigious clients as: The lighting Guzzini Spa; Poltrona Frau Spa; Simonelli Group; Viabizzuno; Si.Fer Srl; OM Pelati Srl; Elettromedia Srl; LDT; IMET, Dini Argeo, EME srl and many others.